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General Faqs

These durable adhesive vinyl decals can be quickly applied to any smooth porous surface. Note that the less porous the material, the better. You can can be very creative with where to stick the decals. Some ideas are: insulated tumblers, gift and giveaways, mobile phone, laptop, tablets, car windows, vehicles, office or home walls, glass windows, mirrors, ceramics and so much more!
However, we don’t recommend the decals be stuck on cloth, textured  or soft surfaces that wrinkle.

Absolutely! Head on over to our shop and you can select custom products as desired.

Yes we do! You have the option to choose a decal for your logo or mock it up together with other icons and texts.

Get some inspiration from our Instagram page on items that could be personalized, purchase a custom decal or stencil, and apply the products yourself on your giveaways. We are open to collaborate should you want the custom made items ready made from us.


We accept payments via Mobile pay and  PayPal (which also accepts most credit cards)

We ship via PostNord – upon check out, you have the option to select economy or express depending on your needs. We will inform you once items have been sent out from us.

Please allot 1 to 2 days working days for production of 3 items or less customized items2 to 3 working days for production of 4 to 7 items, we will contact you further to discuss production period of items purchased in bulk.

That would depend on our current work load. Contact us with your complete requirements and we can see if we can accommodate your rush order.

Wall Decals

Yes, we can work with you to ensure you have a unique and cost-efficient decal display for your restaurant, shop, office, or home.

No, they’re not re-useable. But they are removable when you no longer want it or need it. Since not all walls or wall paint are the same, special care must be taken to prevent paint from being pulled off the wall during removal.

  • Ensure wall paint has dried at least 2 weeks prior to decal installation.
  • For best and long-lasting results, wall surface must be smooth and clean.
  • The less porous the surface, the better.
  • Bumpy and rough textured walls will create air pockets behind your decal which might not allow it to stick properly.

Decal Application

  1. To prepare your decal for installation, rub a dull plastic card across the decal to ensure that the decal clings to the clear transfer sheet.


       2. Make sure the surface to apply decal to is smooth, flat, and completely clean and dry.


       3. Peel the paper backing from the back of the decal. If the decal clings to the backing, slowly re-place the              paper backing and repeat step.


       4. Stick your peeled decal on the surface you want to transfer it to and rub it in place gently with a                        squeegee or credit card. Slowly peel off the clear transfer sheet, be careful not to pull the sticker off the                surface.


       5. Allow decal to completely adhere to the surface for 24 hours before